Love From Future You: Irish Mental Health Video is Best Three Minutes You'll See Today

Campaigner Aoife Price and journalist Cassie Delaney have produced a video that depicts hundreds of touching and positive stories in three powerful minutes of footage.

It's the honesty and universal truisms that make this mental health video a little bit special. We all think that we are the only ones to ever feel a particularly dark way but the truth that this video shows is that we all share the same doubts, worries and fears.

The pair received over 450 letters and spent days reading, sorting and arranging words, sentences and the sentiment into one collaborative piece. Cassie said,

We decided to start this project in July following the ‘Dame Street Incident’. We realized then that the way people spoke about mental health on social media was inaccurate and isolating. We wanted to create something that demonstrated the fact that everyone has mental health.

Aoife concludes,


the aim is to emphasize to people that what they’re experiencing is treatable, manageable and that ultimately they have a future and anything is possible.

We love it.

You can visit their website to find out more, including how to write a letter like the ones in the video.

And if you were to receive advice from your future self, what would it be?

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