#MondayMotivation with Chupi

If it's motivation to set your sights on what your heart most desires, and creating a working life around something you really adore, you need look no further than Irish designer (and Beaut.ie's Designer of the Year) Chupi Sweetman, creator of the eponymous jewellery brand, Chupi.

In what will come as a shock to most 9 - 5ers, Chupi relishes a Monday morning, and that's because she's enormously passionate about what she does. And of course enjoying enormous success, not just in Ireland but the world over, can certainly help to put a pep in your step. By the time you finish reading this, you'll be the delightful owner of a refreshing, new perspective. Over to you, Chupi.

Over to you, Chupi.

Describe what you do for a living in just a few sentences:

I make beautiful sparkly things! Or rather I'm Creative Director of a jewellery label called, of course, Chupi. We make beautiful jewellery in Ireland inspired by wild and natural things, and it's sold all over the world.

How do you start your week?
In my studio, at my desk; my week is so varied I could be in London or our store or out at a shoot, but Mondays are sacred, I'm always in the studio.

Top tips for a Monday?

Amazing lunch! I think the horror of Monday is we treat ourselves all weekend and then eat a carrot for Monday lunch. I always have something yum on Mondays. Screw parsimony, indulge on Monday!

Your Monday fear cure?

I adore Mondays. On Monday, the whole week is ahead, and the possibility is there that you can achieve anything if you work hard enough.

Best life advice?

Find happiness. Life is far too short to not chase happiness with every ounce of your being.

Worst life advice you've been given and ignored?
Get a sensible job, darling. My dad to 16-year-old me!

The lovely folks @beaut.ie_ have nominated us for Best Designer of the Year ?? I'm all dressed up and ready for a brilliant night! ?

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Best career advice?
Ask for advice! Find someone who you admire and reach out to them. The best thing I have ever learned is to ask for help.

Tell us about an experience when somebody said, in so many words, that you probably couldn't achieve what you want to, but then you did it anyway.
Oh, I love a critic! There is nothing like someone telling me that I can't achieve something to make me fight for it. I was told there was no way we could make the beautiful sparkly pieces in Ireland, and we would have to move our making to China, but three years in, we are in 64 countries around the world, and we make every single one of those pieces in Ireland. Yes, it is very tough, but it's something I so passionately believe in.

Tell us about a time you made a mistake, big or small, and how you picked yourself up afterwards and learned from it?
I have made so many mistakes, but what I've learnt is that mistake or success it's all about the future. So get up, get over it and chase the sunrise.


Favourite curse word - how does it make you feel? 
Damn; it's more an interjection. I'll be doing something that's not going my way, and it'll just burst out!

Song you'll definitely dance to when nobody's looking?

Anything! I adore to dance. I would happily bop to anything from Beyonce to LCD Soundsystem to Jerry Lee Lewis.

When you're really pissed off you're most likely to...
Want to be on my own; I feel it's unfair to inflict my grumpy self on the world so I go into my own space until I'm kind again.

Your go-to quote when you're lacking in motivation?
The greatest bit of advice I ever received was, "Don't worry, no one else knows what they're doing either." I think it's easy to get caught up in the idea that everyone from your best friend to the dog has their life more sorted than you, but maybe they are just doing their best.

That is so incredibly reassuring. Your secret ingredients for motivation?
My Mum taught me that if you want to be something just go for it, after all if you can't do it who can?

Mondays aren't the worst because...
They offer the opportunity to start the week afresh.

What are you doing that's good for your brain?
I'm a big nerd so I love learning anything. I'm currently doing Mindfulness, learning Italian and doing a professional development course. I'm not doing any of them to an A standard, but I am pushing my brain and giving it time to play.

Book that you'll always return to, and why?
The Secret Garden. I must have read it a hundred times, it makes me happy just thinking about it.

That reminds us to give it another read. What makes you feel good, that doesn't cost a penny?
Being out in the wilderness with my husband and hounds.

A dinner dish that could make any Monday bearable? 
Indian food of any description, I adore curry, and we live near a wonderful Indian supermarket so we have access to amazing ingredients. We also live near a fantastic Indian takeaway (Konkan in Dublin 6) for days when neither of us can cook!

Your top three comforts?
Food. Bad TV. My tiny dogs.

Bad TV is our ultimate guilty pleasure. What's yours? 
Buying beautiful things. It's not that I need another fuchsia pink cashmere thing or sequin dress, but they are so very pretty...

Life is short, enjoy the pink cashmere! When life gives you lemons... Look at the lemon and figure out what you want to do with it. Then do it!

If you could urge women to read one piece of writing, what would it be and why?
I don't know about a piece, but I would urge everyone to read. My mum is a wonderful writer, and she always had us reading everything and anything. I don't think the what is as important as the fact you are giving your brain some serious exercise.

Life motto?
Luck isn't found; it's made.

Indeed. Follow Chupi on Instagram here and shop her collection online over yonder.


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