Naomi Campbell makes a big boo-boo with Insta post

LOL. Okay, so we all know that people of influence are sent a truckload of freebies in exchange for the obligatory social media mention.

And then there are those few who don't just do it for a freebie but command a staggering fee too, while the rest of us mere mortals jump for joy at the arrival of a free packet of crisps. Naomi Campbell is one such person and though we have no issue whatsoever with her endorsing of certain products - it's just the nature of advertising in 2016 - we had to lol at her major cock-up for Adidas.

Then again, perhaps her lack of effort in making it seem like a genuine post will garner the shoes even more attention. There's no such thing as bad press, lest we forget.

In a way, this may be a really genius marketing move and one that you'd only get away with once. Or twice, given that Scott Disick did the same thing not so long ago. Good oul copy and paste.

Here's the offending post.



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