The new pic of Louis Tomlinson with baby Freddie is so sweet

This third photo of baby Freddie is different - Louis has kept his top on. That and Freddie's wearing a fetching pair of pants, and there's one hell of a smooch. 

Yesterday, Louis' mum - Johannah Deakin - posted the below snap to her Facebook, saying she was "thinking about my son and his son... Freddie is 2 months old now. He is such a little poppet. Miss them when I am 5000 miles away."


It must be incredibly difficult to have a grandchild on another continent. According to TMZ, Tomlinson and Freddie's mother Briana Jungwirth have been trying to sort out custody of their son. Seemingly they've "reached a temporary settlement while their lawyers come out with something more 'formal.' For now, Louis will have access to his son 'several hours at a time' during the week. Overnight visits are not allowed.

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