New Years Resolutions: Join a Gym

Yep. It's that time of year. The remorse is kicking in and all the gyms are heaving. If you've decided to take the plunge, you'll often get really good value straight after Christmas. And, as an added incentive, you could end up looking like yer...wan(?) over there on the left! What more could you need to get you into that tracksuit and out the door, eh?

Jackie Skelly Fitness are currently having a fantastic sale - they have 60 places in their gyms on offer for only €39! What this essentially means is that 60 lucky people get to join at a hugely reduced rate - I presume a monthly fee applies after that. This is a great offer though, as the joining fee can really hurt. Jackie Skelly gyms are only located within the greater Dublin and commuter areas though, so this unfortunately doesn't apply to anyone living elsewhere.

Curves might be a better option. They have tons of branches nationwide and offer the option of women only gyms, which I know I'm happier about. They do have men's gyms too - Cuts is the male version. They both offer a 30 minute circuit training workout which is aimed at busy people. There aren't any offers on the site now but it's worth phoning one and asking for info on current deals.

Total Fitness, a UK chain of Health Clubs, have 3 branches in Dublin - Castleknock, Sandyford and Malahide. You can call them for info on current membership offers.


So what do you do if you live outside of the catchment area of a gym chain? Worry not! Lots of hotels have day spas and gyms these days so check with any in your area for offers and availability. Plus, it's well worth asking in your workplace if there are any agreements in place with local gyms or fitness clubs for employees. You could get a reduced rate if there is such a thing in place. Lastly, if you're looking for a gym in your area, the Fitness Ireland site has a really handy gym locator tool which will come in handy.

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