Newly Slimmed Down Operation Transformation Leaders Revealed

It's hard to believe we have already come to the end of this year's Operation Transformation, the eight weeks seemed to fly by, didn't it? You would think it would be hardly enough time to lose a significant amount of weight, but as usual, the OT leaders have come out tops and giving us all a kick up our collective arses.

The series hasn't been without the odd hiccup or two as we all know, as one of the leaders came under fire for having a few (or a dozen or so) drinks at the races... was it called vodka gate? It should have been.

However none of that matters now as the leaders have met their targets for the series and are all set for their debut on the Operation Transformation catwalk tonight and we have to say, they scrub up well. Although in fairness anything is an improvement from those leotard things they make them wear.

Collectively, they have all managed to lose an impressive 10 stone too, with presenter Kathryn Thomas telling RTE,"I am so pleased for our five fantastic leaders, Alan, Eilish, Louise, Mark and Veronica. They looked amazing strutting their stuff on the catwalk for the finale show."

OT is not just a weight loss show; it's so much more. The leaders have inspired thousands of people around Ireland who have embraced a healthier way of life and are leading transformed lives as a result," she said.

You can catch the final episode of this year's Operation Transformation on RTE1 tonight at 8.30pm but tell us have you been watching this year? And is it time for those leotard things to go please?


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