Who run the world? Beyoncé and Jay Z are officially billionaires

According to Forbes magazine, Beyoncé and Jay Z's  joint wealth amounts to $1.16 billion.

There is genuinely no stopping this powerhouse couple. One is incomplete without the other and it is through Beyoncé and Jay Z's combined fortune that they’ve acquired the status of billionaires.

According to Forbes magazine, their joint wealth amounts to $1.16 billion. In the past year, Beyoncé has upped her earnings, amassing a total personal fortune of $350 million. She is one of America's Wealthiest Self-Made Women.

The total for her hubby Jay Z has soared to $810 million as per last week's ranking of hip-hop's richest acts. He came in second on Forbes’ list, losing out to Diddy by only $10 million.

According to Beyoncé, it all comes down to drive and hard work. "I'm never satisfied," she told Forbes. "I’ve never met anyone that works harder than me in my industry." Slay girl, slay.


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