Oscar Isaac had a very cute Jedi battle at the Golden Globes

And not just any kid, the kid from 'Room'.

Yes, it turns out that Oscar Isaac does have it in him to be even more perfect than he already was because not only is he charming and disarmingly handsome and sound, but he's also good with kids. And not just good, great.

Here's the backstory. The young star of 'Room' Jacob Tremblay is a massive Star Wars fan and spent a lot of his red carpet interviews talking about 'The Force Awakens' and how Oscar Isaac's character was his favourite. So when the two crossed paths backstage at the Globes, Isaac did what he does best and made Tremblay's entire year.

Look at the barely contained joy on his face. And just look at Isaac's lightsaber-lit profile. That noise you hear in the distance is people everywhere sighing with disbelief that a human so good could actually exist.



Via The Cut

Have you seen the new Star Wars or Room? What do you make of the hoopla surrounding them both?

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