People are all getting all worked up over Chris Hemsworth's 'hot dad'

So yesterday was Father's Day in Australia and to celebrate, Aussies across the world were sharing photos of the men that made them. Including one of Australia's most famous sons, Chris Hemsworth.

The Thor star, shared a throwback image of his dad when Chris was only a wee chap and the image has caused quite a stir with his fans.


Many fans are unable to get over how handsome Hemsworth senior was back in the day. Comments ranged from "OMG like father like son!" to "I can see where you boys get half of your good looks lol," to the slightly more lustful "Love the short shorts on your Dad."

It's not the first time that Craig Hemsworth's attractiveness has been a topic of discussion with many of the opinion that even today, he's still got it.

Via Mashable

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