People are not happy about Cuba Gooding Jr lifting up Sarah Paulson’s dress

The internet is not impressed with Cuba Gooding Jr. right now.

The cast of American Horror Story: Roanoke gathered at the Palyfest on Sunday for a panel discussion about the hit series. However it was an incident involving Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson that stole all the headlines.

All of the cast members were introduced and went out on stage one by one. Gooding Jr. and Paulson were standing next to each other as their co-star Kathy Bates was being welcomed to the stage. As Bates made her way out, Paulson jumped up to greet her. The pair were having a bit of fun with each other when all of sudden Gooding Jr. lifted up Paulson's skirt in front of the audience.

When Paulson noticed what he was doing she quickly pulled her skirt back down to cover her legs. While the actress seemed to laugh the incident off, many on social media were outraged by Gooding Jr.'s actions.

For her part, Paulson has since remained silent on both the incident and the social media backlash. Scroll down to see the video.




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