Perrie Edwards Acknowledges End of Engagement with Zayn

Oh God. In terms of difficult watches, this is right up there with Hulk Hogan's sex tape.

Our collective hearts go out to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, who's being forced to answer questions about the calling off of her engagement to Zayn Malik in the middle of her American press tour for their new single, guaranteeing that everyone is going to want to try and make her cry or react in some way on camera.

E! News got the first scheduled interview with the band after the news broke, and while the interviewer was as tactful as possible, you can still see the torment in Perrie's eyes as she's forced to share something she clearly wants to keep private while also keeping the interview running smooth, replying to a question asking about how she's doing with an "I'm good, thank you".

Thankfully she had her bandmates there to jump in and take the heat off her. Where do we start the 'Leave Perrie Alone' campaign?


Via E! News

Poor aul Perrie. Do you have any stories of heartbreak that you care to share?

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