Perrie Edwards Crying While Singing 'The End' Broke Our Hearts

Watching this is like repeatedly stabbing yourself in the chest.

Imagine your longest and most emotionally invested relationship that you've had was the subject of media spotlight, and then said relationship fell apart (with a text) right when you had to go and tour around America and be on hundreds of stages and TV sets in front of thousands of people and do countless interviews all while trying to hold all your sh*t together.

Congratulations, you're now Perrie Edwards, whose engagement to Zayn Malik ended just before her press tour in the US for Little Mix's new single and album, and who has had to endure weeks of questions and attention while trying to keep a stiff upper lip.

Having repeatedly told people she was fine, it all got too much for Edwards yesterday when she was performing at a fan event celebrating the band's four year anniversary, having been created by Simon Cowell on The X Factor during boot camp in 2011.


The exhaustion that comes with doing a press tour clearly took its toll on Edwards, who broke down while singing an acoustic version of Little Mix's song 'The End' (in which she has to sing about a relationship ending) live on stage. Thankfully she had her bandmates their to comfort her.

Fair warning: this will break your heart.


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