POLL: Are Touchy-Feely People Space Invaders or Joy Spreaders?

The past couple of weeks I have been trying my hand at ’Tindering’, and as such have been on a few dates. Now, regular nerves regarding the ‘hey, let’s go on job interviews for our personalities’ aspect aside, I have found out that  I do this weird, annoying thing - I am a space invader.

Yup, that’s right folks – lock me up, and throw away the key. I am naturally tactile. Or as some might say, unnaturally tactile.

I don’t really interact with many friends without playful nudges, comforting pats on the arm and leg, linking arms, even face-touching, all book-ended by a hug.

To me, it’s a sign of affection and of being comfortable. But it turns out I’m actually just Genghis Khan-ing my way into your personal space.


Now, this can be disastrous when you are ‘dating’ (I use the inverted commas because to me the term ‘dating’ is bizarre outside Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. ) It can imply a lot more affection, interest, flirtation, whatever you’re having yourself than you necessarily feel – because this bloke doesn’t know I’m a hugomaniac! He thinks it’s all for him! GAH!

The reactions to my tactile ways have been varied. Some fellas get the impression that I’m angling for yet more physical contact after a light touch on the arm, and others freeze until my hand is removed. So I have learned the hard way that my tactile delectation can get me into some awkward situations.


And it makes me wonder just how many of my poor, space-invaded friends secretly loathe this facet to my (otherwise delightful, funny, humble) personality…but who wants to pull on that thread? Not I, thanks.

Get. AWAY. From. Me. Get. AWAY. From. Me.

So let us instead take a poll!

And tell me, are you a hug bug like me or am I your worst space-invading nightmare? And if you have any Tinder tips, do share them too!


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