Kate Hate. Why The Tide Has Turned Against Kate Middleton - In Bullet Point Format

A short three years ago she was the darling of the press and public alike.  The public being almost the entire world and the press consisting of every type of publication you could think of - from blogs to broadsheets; Twitter to tabloids.

The savior of the monarchy! they proclaimed. Stylish, beautiful, young - and her hair!

We were all in love.  And many of us still are - me included, I love Kate.

But that's changed,  Now not a day goes by when Kate is not hung out to dry in several key categories and the vitriol spewed forth is vicious.  Upon analysis it seems unsurprising that much of this hate originates in the offices of the Daily Mail who delight in making up crap about her and publishing unflattering photos with ridiculous commentary and articles.

So, in handy bullet point format, here are the main things that seem to be Wrong With Kate.  Many of them have to do with wardrobe malfunctions that have been caused by windy weather.  Good grief!



  • Bad choice of fabrics - flimsy.  (Skirt flying up! Royal thighs glimpsed for a milisecond!)  Need skirts to be "weighted down".
  • Bad choice of length - too short.
  • Bad choice of style - too young.  Too fashionable, not royal.
  • Inappropriate - e.g. jeggings.  Too tight, not royal.
  • Kate should be modeling herself on the Queen.  A great granny.
  • Towering heels.  Too sexy, not royal.


Many of the criticisms are harshest about The Glorious Hair which only a year ago was the most loved Hair on the planet.  It's the same Hair!

  • Too long - cut it they shriek
  • Too young in style.
  • Dyed
  • In bad condition (?)
  • Whips around in the wind bringing disrepute to the monarchy.



  • Doesn't do any work.  Has not worked a day in her life. (In fairness this has always been said about her).
  • Doesn't do enough for charity.  Unlike Diana.

A double whammy: skirt flying up PLUS messy hair

A double whammy: skirt flying up PLUS messy hair


  • Despite the fact that she met William IN UNIVERSITY and has a degree.


  • Has no personality.
                How do they know this?  Did "a source close to the Palace tell them"? Give her a chance! She's never allowed to say anything.

What do you think?  Think the criticisms are harsh and unfair, or does Kate drive you nuts?




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