Poor Emma Watson's new flick is a hee-uge flop

Ouch. Emma Watson's latest film took in only £47 in the UK box office. No, we didn't omit any zeros by mistake.

This weekend saw the release of The Colony (originally Colonia), in which Watson plays a young woman trying to find and rescue her abducted boyfriend from a cult in 1970s Chile.

The film received mostly negative reviews following its debut at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival.

Now it seems that having Emma Watson’s name attached still can’t save it.

Of course, it could just be possible that there’s a lot of competition this summer blockbuster season. Independence Day, The Secret Life of Pets, Absolutely Fabulous, and Central Intelligence took in the highest receipts in the UK this weekend and were much lighter offerings for viewers compared with The Colony.


Moreover, the film only opened in three cinemas concurrent with a VOD release on Friday, which admittedly probably wasn’t a great distribution method. Still, given cinema tickets in the UK can cost £20 or more, that means only about a handful of people went to see it on the big screen.

Did it deserve to do so terribly? You can watch the trailer here and decide for yourselves:

In any case, we’re sure Emma’s next film – the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, in which she plays Belle – will fare MUCH better.

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