Prince Harry gives adorable interview about his mother

In an interview with People Magazine, our favourite Royal prince (in that he's the only Royal willing to take his clothes off in Vegas) has spoken candidly about the memory of his mother and, perhaps more interestingly, the things that differentiate him as a person - and his work too - from that of his mother's.

Harry, always dashing and always ginger, posed for the tabloid's cover as the rest of the world continue on their #HonksForHarry crusade, demonstrating yet again what a sound dude he is, and the one undisputed Royal with whom we'd happily share a pint. Next up for 'oul Har is his Invictus games in America, which he speaks sweetly about here. Again, this article should come with a potential explosion disclaimer, for those in possession of ovaries.

Here's just some of what he said:

He's not afraid to strike out on his own: “I enjoy what I do. But I don’t do things because I feel as though my mother would want me to do them. I know I’ve got a lot of my mother in me. I am doing a lot of things that she would probably do.”

But he still holds her memory deep in his heart: “All I want to do is make my mother incredibly proud. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. When she died, there was a gaping hole, not just for us but also for a huge amount of people across the world. If I can try and fill a very small part of that, then job done. I will have to, in a good way, spend the rest of my life trying to fill that void as much as possible. And so will William.”


On the subject of the Invictus Games, which he conceptualised, he says: “You turn up and you think you’re invincible in a super-duper aircraft, but you’re helpless. Then I come back and I say, ‘How can I use my name and that spotlight to the best effect?’ ” Creating the Games, he notes, was “almost like a cure for that pain I had back then.”

Speaking of he Invictus Games, he also shows that he's very much down with the cool kids and even uses the term 'drop', referring to popular music; adorable: “It’s like trying to drop a second album. The second one is always harder! This is what America feels like for a lot of us who planned London. This is the big one.”

He's humble AF: “Every time I get to meet kids and they have been told a real-life prince is coming, the disappointment on their faces when they see me without a crown or a cape…I’m worried because the American kids, especially next to Disney World, are going to be thinking, ‘You ain’t no prince, you ain’t dressed like a prince, you’re having a laugh!’ So I am going to pack a crown and a cape this time and some funny pointy-toed shoes. I’m going to sign the crown out!”

Read the full piece here via People.

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