Pyjamas or Fashion? It's a No Brainer for Cara Delevigne

To be honest, if we could get away with wearing pyjamas and and not looking after ourselves all day we'd probably do it too, and our hair/makeup routines probably pale in comparison to Cara Delevingne's.

Delevingne was on Lorraine this morning promoting 'Paper Towns' (and don't worry, you're not the only one, it does feel like she's been promoting this movie forever) and of course the topic moved onto Cara's graduation from model to actress and whether or not she identifies with her character in the movie's tomboyish qualities, to which she replied that she actually doesn't really care about fashion at all.

Not exactly the best thing to say when you're a working model now is it?

There are also some very choice moments with Delevingne in the interview because she plays very fast and loose with her media training, saying the things she's probably not supposed to without a second thought which we have to say is mighty refreshing.


So, what would you rather, PJs or full on glam?

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