Rate it: Girl Crush 2011

To my horror I realised that we have not had a girl crush post since 2009.  Obviously this situation must be instantly rectified.

The last time we did a Rate It like this  we had a hands down winner.

Cheryl Cole.


Oh how we all loved her.  She's so pretty, so darned cute and has a figure to die for.  But lately there's been a creeping discontent with Cheryl.  It seems as though everyone might be a bit over her and her endless publicity and her made up fights with Simon Cowell.  And possibly THAT hair and THAT outfit were more than body and soul could bear.

But maybe I'm wrong?  So let me know who it is you love love love.  Is it still Cheryl - or has Kim Kardashian taken her place in your affections?  Maybe you have a major girl crush on Megan Fox? Amy Huberman? Beyonce, Rihanna or maybe Lady Gaga?  Maybe you love retro ladies like Audrey Hepburn?

Go on - rate your crush!

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