Real Weight Vs Celebrity Weight


Apparently as soon as you become famous you enter a whole new world of weight measurement. It's no good being the normal weight for your height as the media will instantly label you fat and the opportunity to take unflattering photos of you will be like pound signs in the eyes of the paparazzi.

The average weight lost by women who become famous is 30 pounds. Look at gorgeous Cheryl Cole. The first pic shows her as a slim girl band member. But as soon as she began to became mega famous without without Girls Aloud she started to shrink. In last night's X-Factor you could see the ribs sticking out of her back. Amy Winehouse credits her emaciated frame with her rise to fame. SJP became super skinny - and made it big on Sex in the City and Jennifer Anniston says she would never have made it on Friends without dropping that 30 pounds.

So lets get this straight. Even if you're slim to start off with you must become practically transparent to become a massive star.


So if your normal weight is say nine stone - your celebrity weight will be six stone 12 pounds.

Your whole life would be consumed by thinking about food - but never eating it. What do you think of this?

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