Red Rock reveals who killed Brian tonight

Since its launch in January 2015, TV3's Irish soap Red Rock has gone from strength to strength, particularly in recent months when it was sold to Amazon Prime in the US and was also acquired by the BBC for its summer daytime schedule - and has proven a hit on both.

Now the folk behind Red Rock have decided to jazz things up a bit for viewers, and as of tonight, it has changed from two half-hour slots on a Wednesday and a Thursday to a prime time one-hour slot on a Monday.

Tonight, after a summer of waiting, we will finally discover who killed Brian in what will be the show's first flashback episode. It will go back to the night he was murdered, revealing who he was with in his final hours, and just which of the seven suspects was the one to send him to his grave.


Was it scorned wife Jules, naïve lover Rachel, her enraged father Liam, her ex-boyfriend Conor and his stressed out father Tommy, along with thug with a grudge Mick Moran or the only person to have ever brought down Brian before, Sharon Cleere?

Find out tonight on TV3 at 9.30pm.

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