This Robbie/Kylie news will make you feel ancient

If the fact that Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue's duet Kids is 16 years old doesn't put the fear of god into you, you're a stronger person than us. It just makes us feel old. Very old.

Nonetheless, if reports are to be believed, the pop stars are teaming up to reprise their partnership.

Williams signed a new record deal with Sony just last week, and it looks like he's going in all-guns-blazing for his latest comeback.

The Sun reports that the pair will record together for the new album, quoting a source as saying, "Robbie is looking to recreate pop magic. His deal with Sony showed he has big intentions for his comeback and getting someone as famous as Kylie on the album only confirms that.


“It’s a great move for Kylie too as she is keen to revive her music career after a few difficult years for her professionally. Robbie and Kylie are great friends and, as Kids was such a big success back in the day, he thought it was about time they teamed up again."

They've a lot to live up to, but we will wait and see...

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