Room 101: Celebrities you love to hate

We all have a celebrity - or two - that we just love to hate and for me it's a toss up between Craig Doyle, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and every reality TV star - ever.

Craig Doyle
Where do I start with Craig Doyle?  I'm sure he's a lovely fella, I've nothing against him personally, but who thought it'd be a good idea to stick him into a studio and let him make wooden one-liners to camera? Wasn't he grand - brilliant in fact - with the travel shows and the sport and the chat? He's never off the telly!  Into Room 101 with you Craig, there's a good lad.

Would you buy a used shower from this man? Even if your folks were getting one?

You won't be too lonely in there Craig, cos I'm sending Rihanna in after you. Sulky little madam. Yes, yes, I know. Grammy Award this, Billboard Hot 100 that - it doesn't change the fact that whenever I see a picture of her I have the overwhelming urge to scream 'PUT SOME CLOTHES ON' - and stop scowling.


Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart - where do I start? You're a multi-millionaire, an actress with a career in overdrive and you're still only 22.  Would it KILL you to crack a smile every now and again? You don't have to turn into a kids' TV presenter but, you know, maybe the next time you're collecting an award for your work or photographed going to some glittering event you could at least TRY to look happy about it?

But you've a good excuse to look narky for the foreseeable I suppose now that your affair with your Snow White and the Huntsman director has just become public.  We'll be seeing a few thousand more grumpy expressions from you - click here for a gallery of gloom.

TOWIE/Geordie Shore/Tallifornia/ Big Brother
There's a particular circle of Hell reserved for celebrities who are famous just for being famous.  To me none are more heinous than the ones who went on to become 'somebodies' and release perfumes and their own line in fake eyelashes. Why on earth would anyone want to smell like a hairdresser from Leeds? Go on, into the Room. You can leave your fake tan, you won't be needing that where you're going.

Will Smith?
And then there's the odd ones.  A friend of mine isn't sure why, but believes Will Smith is the 'root of all evil'.


The door to Room 101 is open -tell us who's driving you bonkers!

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