It's official: Roz Purcell and Bressie have split

2016 really is the year that just keeps take, take, taking it all away, isn't it?

One of the great Irish romances of our time died this weekend as Roz Purcell revealed that she and the second most famous Niall from Mullingar, Bressie, had parted ways after three years together.

Purcell took to Instagram yesterday to announce the split, sharing a photo of the pair on New Year's Eve and writing:

"Myself and Niall decided to end our relationship some time ago. We are still friends & love each other very much. We won't be saying anything else about it so appreciate if you could respect that."


According to the Independent, Purcell is currently in the UK promoting her new book, while Bressie has yet to officially comment on the split.

Via Instagram/Independent

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