RTE Spent Kerazy Money on Wardrobe Last Year

Now we understand why they need the TV license.

Last year RTE spent €425,000 on wardrobe to make sure its stars looked the part.

Fair City and its cast of roughly 22 actors ran up a bill of €58,000, which was only beaten by the entertainment show department, which spent €60,212. News and current affairs accounted for €51,127 of the spend, while The Late Late Show spend of €20,689 dwarfed that of The Saturday Night Show's €7,582.

They're not the only figures that have been released, as the Freedom of Information request that provided this info also revealed over €2 million was spent on travel, which was an increase of almost 10%(€165,000) from 2013. Those costs included €388,000 on taxi fares, €483,000 on air fares, and €1,064,000 on "other expenses" such as road mileage, ferries, and bus fares.


That might seem like a lot, but when you start adding up the cost of travel foreign correspondents, flying guests over for chat shows, taxi's for guests etc. it's not as shocking as it seems. Well, it's still shocking, but it can at least be explained, kind of.

Via Irish Independent 

Do you think it's fair enough or a big friggin' waste?

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