The Twitter reaction to RTE Documentary 'Keeping Ireland Alive'

RTÉ can sometimes get a lot of stick over it's programming with many viewers complaining about where their licence fee is going.

However, every now and then it produces a piece of television so good that it's worth the licence fee alone. The first part of last night's documentary series Keeping Ireland Alive: the health service in a day, was one of those programmes. 

The series was filmed over 24 hours, on 31 May 2016 when 75 cameras recorded what was happening in hospitals, clinics and mobile health units throughout the country. The programme enthralled viewers and many were compelled to take to Twitter to praise both the filmmakers as well as the health service professionals and patients that featured.

Minister for Health Simon Harris was one of the first to praise the documentary for giving the public an insight into the work of the HSE's frontline staff.



Were you watching last night?

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