Rugged Ride gets married: Daithi O'Se no longer Ireland's most unintelligible batchelor

Well it's not exactly breaking news, but we HAD to give it a mention.

Ireland's most eligible and unintelligible bachelor isn't a bachelor anymore.

That's right, Dáithí "The Big Ridebag" O'Sé has settled down, gotten the ol' ball and chain and got himself hitched.

The rugged ride from the Kingdom tied the knot in Dingle earlier in the week. He met Rita Talty, the envy of thousands, four years ago. Coincidentally, she was the New Jersey Rose and he later went on to become a charming Rose of Tralee presenter, confusing the pants off  flustered female viewers with his thick Kerry accent.

I'm sure that, following the news of his nuptials to a former Rose, The Rose of Tralee will have a record number of applicants this year.


Weirdly, Rita's parents, from New Jersey near New York, honeymooned in Dingle while Dáithí's mamaí agus daidí went from Dingle to New York for theirs.   Perhaps they even unknowingly crossed paths a few times both sides of the Atlantic back in the day. I’m sure there’s some sort of deeper meaning hidden in there somewhere. Hakuna matata and all that.

It's refreshing to hear that the newlywed couple are keeping their feet firmly on the ground despite their celebrity status.

While their wedding photos will be published in VIP Magazine that didn't mean their guests would have to be snap unhappy and were free to take as many pictures as they wanted.

Otherwise (as the mad yoke himself said): "People would think you’re full of shite."

What a legend. Daithi we salute you.


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