Saoirse Ronan graces the cover of Time Magazine

She's a long way from Carlow, folks.

As well as being of Ireland's foremost cultural ambassadors, Saorise Ronan's also knocking down barriers for women on film. As part of an interview with Time Magazine, Ronan talked about how she's done playing dumbasses in film. "“It’s important for me to play intelligent women, because I think in art, you have a responsibility to portray real life,” said Ronan during her interview.

“It’s even more important now that there’s such a massive shift towards feminism that men and women see strong, complex women onscreen. I’m not being bigheaded, but I’m not a dummy. So I don’t want to play someone who is a dummy onscreen. It’s just boring.”

Good point, well made.


Ronan's cover, as above, will be seen by millions across the globe. It's a real achievement to see a twenty-two-year-old woman from Carlow to have it and for all the right reasons, too.

Fair dues, Saoirse.

Via Time Magazine / Twitter

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