Sarah Michelle Gellar says Cruel Intentions TV show is still a go

The Cruel Intentions TV reboot seemed to have stalled after being missing from NBC's autumn schedule. The network also expressed being unsure if its 'out there' style would work for them. But never fear Cruel Intentions fans, for now Sarah Michelle Gellar herself has reassured us that it is still happening.

The Buffy the Vampire star spoke at the BlogHer conference earlier this month, saying the public can 'look for an announcement probably in the next month and a half.'

She continued: 'The road is taking a little longer than normal. We have to do it right. It’s a naughty show and we have to pay homage to what it is.'

The show is based on the 1999 hit film of the same name, which was itself inspired by the novel Dangerous Liaisons.

Gellar first announced the news via Instagram. The pilot for the series leaked earlier this summer and generated a lot of buzz.


The NBC show follows Gellar’s character Kathryn Merteuil seventeen years after the events of the film. She now intends to take control of her late step-brother Sebastian’s son Bash, whose mother is Annette Hargrove. Sebastian and Annette were played respectively by Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon in the film. Taylor John Smith will play Bash while Samantha Logan has also been cast in the series.


Via Metro

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