The Great British Bake Off: All the best tweets from the horror that was 'Biscuit Week'

Involuntary screams of 'VAL!' seemed to be the running theme for everyone watching last night.

Week two of this year's edition of Great British Bake Off rounded on us with biscuits, and while there was more innuendo than you could shake a stick at, it also came with a healthy dollop of stress for all involved, including everyone watching at home.

If it wasn't worrying about Viennese whirls, it was having to witness the unparalleled stress that was ungodly sized gingerbread constructions tumbling left, right and centre. And then of course there was our collective grandmother Val, who couldn't seem to hold onto anything long enough to stop it falling on the floor and had a disaster of a week. Thankfully though she was saved as Welsh woman Louise bit the dust this week, so Val lives to bake another day.

Here's what Twitter made of the mess that was 'Biscuit Week'.


Next week it's 'Bread Week', and we'll be kneading (sorry) all the Xanax we can get by the looks of it.


Image via BBC Twitter

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