Schumer is bringing 'BF' to Sunday's Golden Globes

There's been a lot of theories ruminating regarding how Amy Schumer met her new boyfriend, 29-year-old furniture designer Ben Hanisch. As it happens, the internet seemed most convinced by the story involving them getting together thanks to an American dating app by the name of Bumble, where "the woman takes charge."

Amy has since taken to her Instagram to confirm that Ben will be accompanying her to this Sunday's Golden Globes alongside her sister, and that herself and Ben didn't find each other on Bumble.

"#tbt me and my date to the globes #roadmanager my bf will be there too and we did NOT meet on bumble. Great site just not how we met"

I think I speak for some when saying "SO HOW DID YOU MEET?!"


We'll be kicking off our Golden Globe coverage early doors on Monday morning, with Red Carpet photos, winners and more. Do come join us.

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