Selena Gomez's tweets of Taylor support backfire spectacularly

Selena's always been Team Taylor and now she's dipping her into the latest drama via Twitter, but it's not going so well.

While the world is losing its mind after Kim Kardashian posted the video of Kanye and Taylor discussing 'Famous' and Taylor's response to the video, Selena took to Twitter to back up her BFF Taylor.

Without naming names, Selena went in on the 'industry' for focusing so much on the Taylor/Kanye battle when "there are more important things to talk about" in a series of angry tweets.


And that would have probably been okay if she had stopped there, but she made the bad decision of replying to the below tweet and now Twitter has lost the plot.

Since then, #SelenaGomezIsOverParty has been trending on Twitter and let's just say it hasn't done her any favours.


Might be time to lay low for a bit Selena...

Via Twitter

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