She's got legs and she knows how to use em: Bigger thighs are better for health


I love Beyonce anyway but two things make me like her even more.  Her legs.  Those gorgeous 'real woman' curves she's got going on.  A hell of a lot of all singin all dancin celebs have what looks like little threads coming out of their skirts - you wonder how on earth they could support them.  And although in real life Beyonce would be super toned and super fabulous (if you saw her down the town for example)  it still seems as though she might... possibly... be a normal woman.

Don't mind skinnies like Neil Hannon warbling pompously on about thunder thighs and asses the size of a small country.  Research has vindicated curvy girls everywhere by finding that generously padded - voluptous thighs - are better for heart health.*

"Smaller thighs are a disadvantage to health and survival for both sexes," the researchers said.


So the next time you're trying to squeeze into those jeans that, er, shrank in the wash, you can rejoice in this knowledge.

*Disclaimer: Of course this is just what they've found this month.  Next month someone will have found out the opposite.  Probably.  Reading contradictory findings every week means that my trust in science is diminishing to the point that I'm starting to believe the earth may be flat.

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