Shock news! Lips AND Eyes: Kristen Stewart breaks the rules of makeup in one fell swoop

For ages now we've been lectured that the only way to wear makeup was to play up EITHER eyes or lips - but never the two at the same time.

Now Kristen's ability to wear a lot of makeup and look incredible is legendary, but she usually sticks to her trademark black smokey eye and even if her lipstick is red, it's not as dark as it was at this recent premier.

She's on the October cover of Vogue wearing the same look - but gorgeous and all as I think Kristen is - is this just too much makeup and she'd look a lot better if she toned down the lippie.  That's what I think myself - but now it's over to you.


Like the look?  Or hate it and think Kristen should sack the makeup artist?

To the comments!

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