Something kind of oooh - Cheryl Cole Tattoos to go?

cheryl cole

A handy cut out and keep guide to Cheryls tattoos

Cheryl Cole is famously plastered in tatts - five of them at time of writing.

  • Back of neck: Mrs Cole inscription (something we can see her living to regret)
  • Big yoke on arse (unidentified pattern)
  • Butterfly on lower back
  • Band around thigh - treble clefs and flowerbuds
  • Hand - Maoiri design

She has spawned a million copycats and apparently the craze for young wans coming in to "Get a Cheryl" is wrecking tattooists heads. After all they see themselves as artists and are seriously affronted by their profession being cheapened by a Girls Alound singer. Get a grip ink merchants eh?


But now even Cheryl is said to be having second thoughts. "A source close to the singer" said she is worried that her thigh tattoo doesn't fit in with her image and she is considering having laser treatment to get it removed.

I think she is so damn gorgeous (after all she was the out and out winner of our Girl Crush poll) that she could have anything tattooed that she liked - but I can understand how she wants to move away from that whole fake tan, hair extensions, chavvy, footballers wife image ... oh wait ... Now I see where you might be going with this Cheryl

But what do you think? Should it stay or should it go?

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