Did you spot the actress who actually played two roles in the Gilmore Girls revival?

At this stage, you have probably binge watched your way through the four-part Gilmore Girls revival series on Netflix, and are already considering emigrating to Connecticut to live out your life in a real-life version of Stars Hollow. (Or is that just us?)

Most of the original cast members returned for the series, and there was a few new faces too. One of which was Emily Gilmore's maid Berta, who moved into the house with her family in the aftermath of Richard's death. Although nobody could understand her, she provided quite a few comedy moments in her brief appearances and was undoubtedly Emily's most longest-serving maid.

What we didn't realise, was that she is actually the same actress who plays Gypsy, Stars Hollow highly regarded mechanic. It wasn't intended that Rose Abdoo would have both parts, but Lauren Graham explained why it happened;


Have to say, this one went right over our heads. Maybe we were too busy missing Richard. *Sigh*.

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