Driving License Suspended, Drives Barbie Jeep Instead

To quote the girl in question, it's her Barbie world and we're all living in it.

This is the sight that greets many students in Texas State University this semester after one of the students their was banned from driving and found a novel way to keep her commute to a minimum.

Tara Monroe had her driving license suspended after refusing to take a breathalyser test when stopped and her father, being a responsible parent, drove all the way to her college to take her car away from her and left with a bike to use to get to class so she'd learn her lesson.

But Monroe had other ideas.

Claiming that 'Riding a bike around campus sucks, like really sucks', Tara went on Craigslist and tracked down someone selling a child's Barbie Jeep for $60 and went on her merry way.


The 5'3" 20-year-old has now garnered quite a but of fame both on campus and around the world, embracing her new life as a real life Barbie girl.

Now drinking and driving is reckless and she is deservedly banned from driving regular sized cars but we can't help but be impressed by her ingenuity.

Beep, beep.


Via Twitter/MySanAntonio

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