Suits You... Not: Do You Speak Up Or Keep Schtum In The Face Of Beauty Blunders?

katie taylor racoon

Picture the scene.

Your good friend is debuting her new hairdo. She is beyond delighted with it: it's exactly what she wanted, what she asked for, she's thrilled silly that her hairdresser has FINALLY given her the cut/colour/upstyle that she's been campaigning for.

Meanwhile, you are trying to stop your jawbone, which apparently turned to lead when you clocked the hack of her, from hitting the floor and hoping that she's too busy enthusing about this Godawful hair don't to notice that your mouth is agape. You're thinking that there was a reason her hairdresser refused to go along with it for so long. You worry that the wind will change and she'll be stuck like that forever.

And then you choke a little on your coffee and try to disguise it as a cough when she asks that fateful, loaded question.


"So - what do you think?"

Faced with a scenario like this, how do you answer? Do you admit what you really think? Do you sidestep the question and maybe say that it's nice, but you think you preferred it before? Do you turn sycophant and gush about how gorgeous it is?

Whether it's a hair disaster or a make-up mishap (she's showing you how she's gotten the hang of smokey eyes, you think she looks like a deranged racoon who's gone a couple of rounds with Katie Taylor), do you speak up or keep schtum in the face of a friend's beauty blunders?

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