The Bradley Cooper lookalike that fooled Sundance

Well what else are you supposed to do when your gene pool was kind enough to grace you with Bradley Cooper's good looks?

The below picture was taken by a fella called Sean Cassity at Sundance Film Festival during the week, who was delighted with himself when he thought he had nabbed a selfie with Hollywood A-lister Bradley Cooper, as anyone would be.

However, many, many Instagram comments later it became abundantly clear that he had fallen victim to Bradley Cooper's lookalike.

The likeness is uncanny in fairness....


Turns out, according to reports, this doppelganger dude has been getting into parties all over Sundance posing as Cooper - who isn't even at the festival as it turns out.

Total chancer, but a tip of our imaginary hat to you I-can't-believe-it's-not-Bradley-Cooper.

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