The funniest tweets from Saturday's Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing is back for yet another season, and Joan Collins is 'most impressed' and thinks it 'should be a solid show'. And so say all of us! Unlike some celeb-heavy shows we can think of, Strictly actually attracts real celebs (well, they're not Z-listers from crappy MTV reality shows), and it attracts some of the funniest Twitter commentary.

Every season, we're glued to the celeb/dancer romances, 'novelty' acts and are genuinely rooting for who we think are the best pair. Saturday nights in September were made for this show. And October, and November...

Last Saturday's show was the "who's paired with who" show, and as to be expected, Twitter was on fire.

The lols came quick and fast, with our Maïa Dunphy leading the charge:



We have a feeling it's going to be a good year. Now, judging from the opening dance, who do do think is front-runner for this year's Glitter Ball?

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