The internet is super excited about Matthew McConaughey's 'secret' YouTube channel

The actor is beloved for his Oscar win, rom-com roles, and of course, taking his shirt off. Now we have another reason to love him.

Reddit user S1iced Bread brought the YouTube channel to the attention of the public over the weekend.

McConaughey had the channel for nearly two years but reportedly only 240 subscribers. Its number of followers have exploded since the channel was shared on Reddit.

There are a couple of videos promoting the actor’s latest, animated feature Sing, as you’d expect. But most of the videos are dedicated to highlighting his various charitable efforts.



We’re loving the casual, non-professional approach to it, not mention getting a glimpse of what we presume to be his house. Do you think he placed those binoculars in view on purpose? Or does he just have stuff like that generally just lying around?

Via Reddit

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