The #KeepKissing trend proving that love is stronger than hate

The hashtag #KeepKissing is now trending across social media in the aftermath of last weekend's Orlando shooting and no doubt you'll agree; it's one of the most touching viral trends we've ever experienced.

Started by HuffPost Queer, the message behind these powerful images is that love is stronger than hate, whether that's same-sex love, heterosexual love, all love, following the incomprehensible attack on the LGBTQ community.

Though heartbreak, pain, and fear have resounded across the globe since Saturday's events, there's an incredible amount of hope to be found in these messages, and if something good can possibly come of such a tragedy, perhaps it's that those in the LGBTQ community will feel inspired to demonstrate their love in a public space, giving fear and hate the proverbial middle finger.

Here are just some of the inspiring messages.

Via HuffPost Queer.



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