The True Life of a Sorority Sister

This summer, the lovely Cassidy joined Team Beaut as our amazing, talented, multi-multi-tasking intern. She told us all about her life as a Sorority Girl back in the US where she hails from and since we were so intrigued she kindly agreed to spill the beans for all of you. Now, we really wish we were going back to college this September...

As a sorority girl, I thought I’d take it upon myself to inform you all on a little secret (or maybe a few) about what life really is like behind the cute t-shirts and organized functions.

We all may look like we’re all in love with each other – but as anyone who has lived with many roommates (specifically like 70) can attest to, sometimes people get under your skin! Elyse is probably taking too long to get ready and Annamarie is starting to get cranky because she hasn’t eaten lunch yet; these people are like my family so sometimes no matter what they do – it’s annoying.


  • Things get weird

We have creepy initiation rituals and weird songs to sing, just like the movies portray. But I mean, our organizations were founded in the 1800’s, wasn’t everything people did back then kind of creepy? I am a proud sorority member but even I think some of things we do are odd. There are no séances, sacrificial burnings, or witchcraft but technically I’m not even allowed to tell so I guess you’ll never know...

Along with the 'weird' thing, sometimes things get really intense – there are tears, laughter, screaming (both excitedly and angrily) nearly every single day. I’ve said the words, “Why don’t I have my own TV show?” too many times to count. If the Kardashian’s can do it, why can’t the rest of us?

  • It's So Cheesy

Trust me we understand! There’s no need to tell me how weird recruitment is or how cheesy the songs we sing are or how annoying our bubbly, way-too-smiley selves are – because we already know. If you think hearing the song a couple times is annoying, try singing it 500+ times whilst getting the hip and arm motions in sync with everyone else’s. Also the songs are always in your head, at some point every day either a peppy recruitment song or an initiation song comes into my head and then as soon as I sing them out loud, my roommates immediately join and soon it’s like choir practice.


  • It really is like the movies from time to time

I’ve been to countless themed parties, sorority rivalries do exist and Homecoming and Greek Week competitions do get really intense sometimes.  As weird as it sounds though, these were some of the things that made me want to go Greek. I love themed parties and a healthy competition.

  • We’ve all wanted to drop at some point

There's no need to feel bad about wanting to opt out – but you’re lying if you disagree. It’s honestly so exhausting to be in such a big group of people at all times. There is drama and bullshit involved in every group of people but, as soon as you put that with a group of loud, driven, and stubborn women, it gets interesting (and by interesting I mean scary).

  • It makes us crazy

Whether we are the President or just a normal member, being in a sorority can make any normal human turn into a crazy bitch. Whether you turn into the crazy competitive one, the crazy drunk one, the crazy crafty one, the crazy involved one, or the crazy “TSM” one is up to you! We all have a little (okay, maybe a lot) crazy in us; let’s just embrace it.

stocksnap beach fun

  • There are many stigmas behind being in a sorority

I probably have at least one Vera Bradley duffle bag, I probably drink too much, and I probably am an idiot. Most of us take these stigmas with stride and know that they’re just stereotypes but sometimes it hurts. I’ve been judged many, many times for being in a sorority and once someone thinks these things about you, it’s hard to change their minds.

I’m honestly not going to deny any of these, though:

  • I do have a Vera Bradley duffle – AND the matching tote bag
  • Math is not my best subject (my high school math teachers and friends can attest for this one)
  • I do go to Taco Tuesday, Dollar Drink Wednesday and Mug Night on Thursday (maybe not every single one every week, but I try my best.)


Sororities are alien nations to most of us who live in Ireland. Did you ever have notions about traipsing off to the States to attend Ole Miss and go Greek? Do you think organisations like this would have a place in Irish universities? Have you any personal experience of a sorority house? Do share, we're super intrigued!

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