These Soft Toys from Ikea were designed by Actual Children

If you happened to be in Ikea recently (WHY WOULD YOU GO THIS TIME OF YEAR?) you might have noticed a few new plush toys around the place.

Soft toys, as we know, are desperately cute. As it turns out, the story behind these particular toys is even more lovely. Ikea chose ten designs from around the world and put said designs into reality.

The difference here is that each of the designs were made by actual children from their own imagination. As Carol McSeveny, IKEA's Childrens' sales leader explained, the "final creations show that anything is possible with children’s imaginations."

The above design was made by eight-year old Olivia Wildman from Essex, UK. "We fell in love with Olivia’s drawing when we first saw it, and we have stayed true to her illustration, right down to the little legs and quizzical expression that give it a character all of its own," said McSeveny.


The toys are still available in most Ikeas and €1 from each toy purchased goes to UNICEF's child education projects around the globe.

This one's definitely our favourite.

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