This 8-year-old's letter to Beyoncé is basically how we all feel about Beyoncé

Think back to your schooldays, however long ago they were, and the inevitable essay that you had to write about 'the person you most admire'.

If Beyoncé had been around back then, she might have inspired a few more notes like the below.

An unnamed 8-year-old kid's letter to the pop star has gone viral after it was posted to Reddit by Matt Walks, who said, "One of my girlfriend’s 8-year-old summer students wrote a letter to 'a person you admire."

The 'rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers' got us right in the feels, but their summation of the Lemonade song Sorry is even better.

Read/see the full note below:

Dear, Beyonce – My favorite singer,
You are the best you are a rare rose in a garden of blooming flowers but you’re the only one who stands out sparkle and lite up the sky. My favorite song is Sorry that song be popin I be turnt up.



Via Billboard

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