Baby in the Womb was Caught Living Life and It's Amazing!

If you're of a certain age you may be fed up to the back teeth of friends posting pictures of their extra special, magnificent children on Facebook. So be warned, 4D ultrasounds of the baby in the womb are very much a thing now. So, you can be pestered with videos and pics before they are even born. Yay.

The video below shows this little dude in the womb but rather unusually, he was caught on camera eating and rubbing his eyes and... okay FINE, it's cute dammit. And pretty cool to see.

The video was posted by the baby's father Sander van der Laan who accompanied his wife to the ultrasound, he said; "When he started eating and drinking we, including the person operating the machine, were amazed!"

"It really is an amazing technology. Seeing a little person in there doing all of that makes you realize even more how precious that little fellow inside the belly is."


You can watch it below. Oh and there's this weird piano soundtrack to go with it, just you know, so you're warned.

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