Those who need to have a sit down with their ego. Please deflate it here

So you wanna pretend that you're a superstar eh? The Saturdays are trying so hard to be generic girlband superstars aren't they? A low rent version of Girls Aloud they've studied their competition in minute detail and are shamelessly copying EVERY SINGLE THING about them.

  • Five girls in slutty stage costumes which ironically attracts a huge pre teen audience. Check
  • The pretty Irish one. Check
  • The Short Haired Wild one. Check
  • Other Ones That No One Can Remember but will soon infiltrate our consiousness by the attendance of each and every event ever and getting into Heat on a weekly basis. Check
  • Incredibly similar muzack. But not as good. Girls Aloud have the most brilliant pop songs. Sound check.

Copycats are so lame aren't they?

But anyway in defence of The (copycat) Saturdays it's true that "you need to have a sit down with your ego" is a fantastic line. I've found myself using it quite a bit lately when people are making me boil with rage. Some examples:

  • Maura Geoghan Quinn. Anyone who is still refusing to relinquish their taxpayer funded pension while actually being paid a salary at the same time. Listen ministers who the frick do you think you are? You need those arrogant egos deflated - you are so not worth it.
  • Anyone who annoys me by being up themselves I caustically put down silently, by thinking "ah here you need to have a sit down with your ego". It makes me feel much better
  • The taxi driver who (uninvited natch) told me all about his five bedroom house in the city centre with large back garden, wife's new Mercedes, villa in Spain and yet was planning to block O'Connell St yet again over the amount of furriners driving cabs who're taking bread from his mouth. Listen mate, I don't give a crap, looks like you're doing pretty good to me. But thinking "Sit down? Ego? HELLO" deflated any tension I felt.

Who do you think needs to have a sit down with their ego? Micheal O'Leary obviously. The Icelandic volcano. All of the bankers who caused the crash by thinking they were Masters of the Universe. Most Alpha Males actually.

So go on - let it out! Who needs to have a massive talking to with their massive ego?

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