Tonight's Late Late Show lineup...

For the first time in almost 30 years, The Late Late Show is leaving the country for an interview in London with 'The Boss', Bruce Springsteen. It's rare the show leaves the RTE campus with the last time believed to have been when Gay Byrne travelled to London to interview Hollywood star Jane Fonda in 1989. However, you don't turn down The Boss, do you?

Also on the show, broadcaster Jeremy Paxman will open up about his troubled relationship with his father and how it influenced him as he became one of the most famous journalists in Britain.

Rob Heffernan and his coach will be in to talk about collecting an Olympic medal four years on. They will also be sharing the incredible story of how early difficulties were overcome on his way to becoming one of the few Irish track stars to win an Olympic medal.

Vogue Williams will be on to chat about her latest documentary series, Vogue Williams: On the Edge, where she tackles everything from transgender identity to doing internet drugs.

Designer Don O’Neill will be talking about dressing some of the most famous women in the world including Oprah, and viewers will get to see some of his stunning creations.


Oh and lock up your children because there will also be a panel discussing porn, we know, PORN. Sexologist Emily Power Smith and columnists Brenda Power and Ian O’Doherty will be discussing Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s recent call for a national conversation about pornography.

Music then will be provided by John Spillane, and also... iconic hip hop group The Sugarhill Gang, yep, The Sugarhill Gang! They better perform Rappers Delight.

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