The trailer for the Britney Spears TV movie is here and it's juicy

The 30-second teaser shows Australian actress Natasha Bassett portraying the 35-year-old pop star during some of her biggest ups and downs, including lashing out at the press, her 2004 wedding to Kevin Federline and her 2007 head-shaving breakdown.

While the film certainly covers Spears’ toxic years, Britney Ever After also celebrates the chart-topping diva’s recovery and her glorious comeback.

“Everything’s just kinda this blur, you know ... until you hit rock bottom,” the actress says during the trailer. “I wanna be strong, for my fans. They’re what keeps me going.”

Premiering on February 18th, the biopic is called Britney Ever After and also stars Power Rangers star, Clayton Chitty, as Federline, and Nathan Keyes as Spears’ former boyfriend, Justin Timberlake.


Check out the trailer here:


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