Are Victoria and David Beckham divorcing (again)?

Listen, this isn't the first time the Beckhams have been the subject of divorce rumours, and it's been a while, therefore it's mandatory for these things to rear their heads and go on their merry way.

A number of UK based outlets have been reporting for the past few weeks that the couple were on the brink of divorcing after 16 years of marriage, and now the rumours have gone stateside. reportedly have the "truth" regarding the couples $1billion dollar divorce - everything is OK: "'David and Victoria are most certainly not getting divorced,' an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY, totally refuting OK! magazine’s Feb. 3 report. 'The fact is they have never been happier and more in love with each other as they continue to raise their four beautiful kids and divide their time between family and work. The only reason people jump to conclusions that they may be going through rough patches is because they do so much traveling alone because of their work commitments'.”

Seemingly a rep for David Beckham has said the most recent rumours are "100% fiction."


OK! magazine had reported the following on Wednesday: "After years of trying to make their relationship work, it looks as though they’re figuring out their exit strategies... it’s part of the reason Victoria has become so reclusive. Certainly, [the reports] put a damper on their romance. At this point, they seem sick of each other... The last thing they want to do is damage their empire."

I for one am refusing to believe one of worlds most enduring celebrity couples are splitting until we hear it from the horse's proverbial.

A quick scan of their respective instagrams isn't giving anything away, there are no cryptic messages a la Cherl, but there is some sterling life advice from Victoria...

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