Want to know how Adele gets to the stage unnoticed? It's a bit gross

If you've been to a gig on Adele's '25' tour - or even seen footage of it - you'll be aware that the show is performed in the round.

That begs the question, however - with the absence of secret underground passages in most venues that aren't Hogwarts, how does she actually get to the stage without anybody noticing her walking to it, or trying to clamber over the rail to touch her?

Well, the answer has finally been provided: she gets wheeled on secretly in a box.

More accurately, it's a large flight case that's usually used for transporting stage equipment, but fits the Londoner nicely, allowing her to appear as if by magic on the circular stage.


She recently told fans in Sydney: "How I get to this stage makes me so sweaty. I can't tell you 'til the end [of the tour] - you'll laugh when you find out."

But footage from as far back as last summer has emerged, where you can see her making her way, via her box, to the stage as unsuspecting fans look on:

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